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Is on Hold  Till After the Holidays

Bread and Bible is dinner on Wednesday evenings with Bible study to follow. Most of Jesus' teachings to his apostles were centered around meals. This is our attempt to follow in his foot steps. 

Check back here to see when it returns.

Coffee, Cookies, and Conversation

Mondays Mornings at 9:00 am

We share in conversation, have a small devotional with discussion to follow, and pray for those in need. Afterwards there are often opportunities to help with church special projects, and local missions.

Colossians 3:15

Let the peace of Christ, the inner calm of one who walks daily with Him, be the controlling factor in your hearts, deciding and settling questions that arise. To this peace indeed you were called as members in one body [of believers. And be thankful to God always.

Lakeside AA Meetings

Baked Goods are provided

by UMW. The donations go towards community projects and church events. Bakers are always wanted to help take part in this event, even if it's just one sale. The next sale is:

Sunday, January 12

United Methodist Women - UMW

Meets the 1st Tues each month at 5:30 pm

Next meeting Dec 3

These loving and kind women are the backbone to the church. They are the do-gooders of the community and in the church. Enjoy friendship, fellowship, and fun.  Bring your knowledge, skills, and sense of humor to our meetings.

They would love to have you there.

Meetings:  First Tues of Every Month at 5:30 pm

Next Meetings will be Dec 3 and Jan 7

Monday & Friday Evenings 7:00-8:00 pm

Located in the youth building behind the church.

Contact Benjamin Wade 903-504-8065

Please feel free to join us anytime for anything at the church

whether it's a meal, a service, or an event. We welcome all that come!!

Come as you are, you don't need to be be dressed in fancy clothes to join us.

We accept as you are, God's work in progress.


Dec 3, Tues  5:30  UMW Christmas Party

Bring your favorite snack

Dec 13  Friday 6:00 pm

Annual Christmas dinner

We will be having a white elephant gifting. Anyone wanting to participate, bring a gift of no more than $10 value, wrapped.  We ask that if you are able to bring a finger food with you.

DEC 20 Friday - Founder's Christmas Tea


Dec 24 Tues 5:00 pm

Christmas Eve Service



Instead of making resolutions that fall short or get dismissed. We ask you to work on the attitude of gratitude. It's simply thanking God for the blessing you have and acknowledging them, even the smallest of them.


There are plenty of opportunities to do this:  when your in your car driving or waiting for it to warm up, while you are doing laundry, mowing the yard, taking a walk, taking a shower or bath, doing dishes, or a couple of minutes right before you get on your phone or computer to go online or when you lay your head down to sleep or right before or after prayers.

They have proven people suffer less with depression when they do this. You will find more joy in life, have more blessings, and will feel happier. We tend to be kinder and more appreciative. What a wonderful way to live! Give it a try and let us know how it's

working in your life.

To read more about it click on the links.

UMW will be helping several impoverished children and their families from Chandler Elementary.

We will be giving items like toys and books to the kids and helping their families with food. If you would like to help or donate, leave a message for Marilyn at 903-849-2379 or meet with a UWM in person.

Let's make a difference



Contact us now if you are interested in volunteering your time

to help with acting, scenery, lights, costumes, sound and advertising.


Let Rev. Akers know if you are interestedin helping with any

part of this play. More details to follow. 903-849-2379


God Blesses Those Who Try to Tell His Story


If you need help with directions, click on contacts at the top of the page for a map.

Welcome to Lake Palestine United Methodist Church

Our Mission

To be a loving church with a mission to worship

God, serve and nurture one another, and bring people to meet, know, and love Christ.

Worship Service

Every Sunday at 10:00 am

Coffee and Breakfast

Every Sunday 8:30 am

Sunday School

Every Sunday 9:00 am

Church Service

Every Sunday 10:00 am

Join Us this Sunday!

 Rev. Ingrid Akers



We invite you to come to our church. We are truly a welcoming congrega-tion. We are casual, friendly, and truly seeking to be faithful in loving God and loving others. Sunday, Dec 1 will be a sermon about HOPE.