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Come join us for a wonderful Sunday.

We would love to see you, whether we are indoors or out in the amphitheater

by the lake. Everyday is a day the Lord has made.

Let us rejoice each day and be glad in it!

Praying Together
Our Mission

To be a loving church with a mission

to worship God, serve and nurture one another, and bring people to meet, know, and love Christ.

 Rev. Ingrid Akers



Our food pantry has been helpng a lot of people. Thank you so much to those that have helped in donations, in shopping, and stocking. If you are able to bless others, we appreciate donations (non-perishable food, toiltetries, water, etc) to the food pantry or money donations.



If you or someone you know needs help getting food or medications or needs prayers, please contact us. We are happy to help. Everyone needs help sometimes. That's what makes us human.  We know many of you are lonely and depressed, please let us know if we can help you through these troubled times. I





May 2, Sunday, 10:30 am - Church Service Inside (seating for 40 with face masks, or         

                                                 Online on Facebook, please comment on facebook to reserve 

                                                     a seat or send a quick email)

May 3, Monday, 10:00 am - Coffee and Conversation

May 9, Sunday 10:30 am - Church Service

May 10, Monday 10:00 am - Coffee and Conversation



Food Pantry - Always Open 24/7, Take what you need, leave what you can


Are services inside, outside or online?  We will post on Facebook and this website where services will be. Services are always available online live every Sunday at 10:30. Since we are still social distancing for now, we are taking a limited number inside. Face mask are required. Please call, text, email, or Facebook message to reserve a seat.

Where do I park?  You may park in the parking lot of the church for inside services. There are handicapped spots available for those who need it. For amphitheater services you can park in the church parking lot and walk to the amphitheater, or if you prefer, drive toward the amphitheater we have parking on the top of the hill and a parking area to the side. Handicapped/disabled people can park to the left of the stage or behind the stage.  If you need help in the church, please park under the awning and someone will be able to assist you.

What is seating like in the amphitheater?  You may sit in your car or bring a chair to sit by your car or near the stage. Others may sit in their own lawn chairs or on the walls. We ask that congregation members maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from one another. Families may sit together.  We ask that you wear your mask till seated.

What is seating like in the church?  Church seating is social distanced at this time. We are limiting seating till more of our congregation are vaccinated. Please call for reservations. Our seats are cushioned. We have a few chairs with arms for those that need them for stability and getting up. If you need one, we can bring one to you or move them around as needed. Let us know. 

What if I am feeling ill or I was exposed to Covid? If you are not feeling well or have any symptoms consistent with Covid-19, we ask that you watch the service from home.

Can I watch online? You may watch live  at 10:30  on Sunday mornings or watch when it's convenient for you. You can go to our Facebook page or clicking on the Facebook icon at the top of this page. You don't need to be a member of Facebook to watch. (Watch on your computer, kindle, Ipad, or smart phone.) They will ask you to join, but just click 'not now'.  If you can't connect being a non-member of Facebook, try a different search engine like Bing, Google, Safari, or Duck Duck Go and put in www.lakepalestineumc.com. Then click the Facebook icon on the top of the page.

Can I watch previous sermons and bible studies?  All our previous services and  Bible studies are online and available to watch anytime. Go to videos on the right side of page, click on them. Choose what you want to watch.





10:30 AM

Coffee and Conversation

Monday Mornings at 10:00am

We share in a light devotional with discussion, pray for those in need, and enjoy each others conversation. A fun group. On nice days we bring our lawn chairs and sit outside. Bring your own coffee. Please wear a mask. Often little projects are done after the meetings if you are interested and have the time.

Support Group

Lakeside AA Meetings

Monday & Friday Evenings

7:00-8:00 pm

Located in the youth building behind the church.

Contact Benjamin Wade 903-504-8065




Church Mission -


*If you are hungry or need help to pay for food, please come and take what you need. No questions asked.

*It's open 24/7.

*It's under the carport of the church at 2889 FM 315,

  Chandler, TX 75758

*If you would like to donate food, please drop off

  non-perishables that are not expired and place them

  in the pantry. We also accept cash donations for the pantry

  and can pick up donations. Call 903-849- 2379

*Take what you need, leave what you can and bring what

  you can to help others.

Spiritual Discipline - One spiritual discipline is spending time with the Lord. "Practicing Solitude with Silence are the most important spiritual disciplines of people today in our busy noisy world. We need to unhook and get away to be alone with our Lord,"  says Dallas Willard. Quiet your brain, stop interuptions, not doing anything, stop obsessing, stop distractions, stop everything and go before God like Jesus would. You must teach yourself and be intentional. Enter into a time and  turn off devices (phones, tv, computers, music) and be alone.  Plan a good time when you are not likely to be interupted. When others aren't home or early in the morning before others are up. Late at night when others are in bed.

Download the Bible by clicking on the Bible button below.  It's free.

Watch the Wednesday's video on 3/31/21 spiritual study to learn ideas to help you listen for God's voice in your prayers and solitude. 


Pastor Ingrid With Our Two Newest


Jackie & Kathy


On Our Calendar

Dec6 Sun 10:30  am  Church Service at the Amphitheater.  You are welcome to sit on the wall or bring your lawn chair. Please safe distance yourselves and wear your mask till you are seated.

Nov 7  Mon 10:00 am Coffee and Conversation

held outside the church. Please wear a mask, social distance 6 feet, bring a lawn chair and your coffee or a drink. We visit, have a light devotional, talk about it, and pray for those who need it. We would love to have you join us.

Dec  Sun 10:30  am  Church Service at the Amphitheater. You are welcome to sit on the wall or bring your lawn chair. Please safe distance yourselves and wear your mask till you are seated

FOOD PANTRY IS AlWAYS OPENOpen 24/7. See our article below.

DECEMBER - We will begin a Bible Study again. We will be learning about Advent.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Thanks for visitng our website. Have a Blessed day!